Chefi - Interactive Cooking Instructor

CHEFI is an interactive cooking instructor which aims to make an expert cook or ‘chef’ out of anyone. After downloading the software onto your mobile phone, a virtual chef will guide you through even quite complicated recipes using real time voice interaction. CHEFi uses text to voice technology which translates written recipes into easy to understand spoken orders for the gastronomically challenged. Step by step you are lead in your cooking.

Chefi was created for people that are frustrated by being unable to cook. It's a Interactive cooking instructor in the kitchen environment for mobile phones, that walks a user, step by step, through the cooking process.

No need for cookbooks or recipe cards, the Chefi program runs hands-free with voice recognition, prompts so you don’t have to touch your phone with dirty hands, Chefi works via website that will allow users worldwide to upload their favorite recipes so that they can be adapted to the software and downloaded by others.
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European Top Talent Multimedia Awards Competition in Graz, Austria. The project was chosen as one of the 21 finalists out of 278 candidates from all over the world.


Most Promising and Innovative Project Seven most promising and innovative projects from the graduates of Shenkar College were chosen to be presented at this event to business people from the industry, the media and general public

In Media

Immediately following my final presentation with the Chefi project at Shenkar College, Chefi immediately caught the attention of Reuters, who did a TV report on the project. It awoke the interest of many eminent hi-tech web sites, TV stations and newspapers, among which I would like to emphasize (NRG, Yahoo Tech, AOL). After the Reuters report, which highly praised Chefi's high potential and ingeniosity: articles and stories on Chefi and myself re-appeared in the media both in Israel and abroad (Israeli TV- channel 9 Plus, Russian TV channel ORT) to name only a few
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