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Worked on various projects on the merchant side of the product. Supporting the local businesses with online tools suchas: Self Service Deal Creation, Merchant Pages, Delivery and Take out service (Groupon To Go), Booking and severalinternal tools to optimize work procedures inside the company. Designed cross platforms experiences andconceptualized new ideas to improve product usability.
2014 - 2017
Visual Design
Web App
Self Service tools

Discount Widget

Redesign of the "Select Discount" step inside a deal builder tool. Deal Builder is a self service tool that allows new customers (merchants) to create a groupon deal online. The main goal of this redesign was to increase conversion (Groupon Deals created) while maintaining discount levels and lower the drop-off rate at this specific step.

From the research it was clear that business owners need a more flexible way to choose the discount and have a clear understanding of all financial applications. Merchants wanted to know how much the client is paying for the offering, how much Groupon is taking and what is the actual profit point.

The solution introduced a more playful way to interact with the widget and allowed the user to easily change the discount rate by sliding across two sides. A smiley was added to indicate the "sweet spot" area in green which showed the most optimal discount settings for that kind of business. The merchant was guided to choose the recommended percentage and have all the financial information in one area, easy to understand. It was essential to clearly communicate that a low discount will result in a not so attractive deal but also a high discount can bring a financial loss.User testing was conducted using prototype and the results were very positive. Merchants love the new way to choose the discount levels, they thought it was playful, clearly communicated and they kept the discount levels within the recommended zone. 

As a results of this redesign, We increased conversion by 6 percentage points while maintaining discount levels.

Desktop version

Multiple Option Deal Creation Tool

Deal builder is a great way for merchants to create a Groupon deal but It got limitationS and one of them is the amount of options merchant can offer. This project initiated to introduce more flexibility into that system.

The objective of this design was to introduce a multi optional deal creation. We wanted  to give the ability to the merchant to add a few options to their offering for example: a massage can be 30min, 60min or 90min.

The solutions is an Interactive way to choose and add different parameters to a specific service. The title of the deal consists of words that can be dynamically modified by the user in order to create a unique option.

This solutions was designed both for the desktop and mobile version.

Groupon To Go

Groupon To Go is a food delivery service that Groupon introduced in 2015 .
I worked on the UI/UX of the tablet version ( iOS & Android) of the reservations experience. This applications used by the restaurant to accept or decline incoming food orders (delivery and pickup).

When designing the app I took into consideration the physical environment this app will be used in and the specific limitations it presents. The restaurant space is high paced place, the person who will be receiving delivery orders usually also will be dealing with customers that are inside the restaurants and on the phone, emails... etc. The app needed to be simple, "bold", obvious and have a low cognitive foot print. Another interesting fact that came up from research is that restaurant workers don't really hold the tablet in their hands, it's usually placed somewhere on the counter away from their eye.

I have enjoyed working on this project and learned a lot about user behavior in those kind of environments,



Reservation is a system that is used by restaurants that are running a Groupon deal. When a customer buys a groupon they can reserve with the merchant a specific time slot . This App was build for the restaurants, so they can manage, accept and decline reservation.

There are two main use cases that I optimized the UI for: Accepting/declining reservation and Calendar view to find existing reservation. I wanted the UI to be build around what is the most important/relevant information for the user and after doing some research I have learned that for example when accepting/declining reservation the most important info is: date, time and number of people. The less important details were lower in the hierarchy. As for the calendar, showing a monthly state was a good high level view of reservations.



Booking is a system that is used both by the merchant and the client to book appointment for the purchased groupon. I have worked on a use case when a client requesting a booking but Merchant can't accommodate and suggesting alternative times . Essentially it's a "conversation" that is happening between the merchant and the client.

My process started by defining the entire user flow of the experience, I used flow charts to visualize the user journey both for the customer and the merchant. Defined all the edge cases and Designed the final product.

User flow
User journey

Groupon Merchant Brand Redesign

I was part of the team that was working on a redesign of the Groupon Merchant brand. The work included website, web app and mobile application. It was not only a visual pass but also a complete restructuring of all information and user experience.

Reservations - Tablet
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