Megastar Millionaire

Megastar is a global digital talent application which is reinventing the high-stakes talent showcase for the mobile age. As the lead product designer, my responsibilities were to drive the UX, UI, and visual design efforts.
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Igor is one of the most centered individuals I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. He approaches UX design from a holistic approach and is incredibly thorough when developing a user flow. His designs are intuitive and well thought out. He’s very talented at listening to others and interpreting the actual needs. Igor brings an infectious calm, which is always appreciated when frustrations are high. Igor’s expertise and personalty make him an invaluable member of any team.

Josh HeenanGlobal GM at Megastar Millionaire
Igor was a pleasure to work with . He was one of the earliest employees and right from the start he dove right in. Igor was responsible for the early iterations of the app design/visuals and UI. It was his work that enabled us to progress the product forward. Igor is an excellent teammate; he is communicative (and curious), listened and gave great feedback. He really was engaged with other team members. He was "hands on" and worked well with Product, Marketing and QA. He promoted the idea of excellent design - and then actualized it. Igor brought a lot of great energy along with his design skill sets. I enjoyed working with Igor and recommend him to the nth degree.

Dion SullivanCo-Founder, CEO
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