Walmart Cashi App

Walmart team hired me as a consultant for mobile app project (Cashi). I helped to progress the project forward by producing  UX/UI and visual design solutions for product team.
Final results can be seen here:
Android App
Visual Design


Igor is a truly full stack product user experience designer! I've worked with Igor on several products and projects over the years and he has always proven to be professional, dedicated and original. He is bright, creative, picks up new things very quickly, and takes feedback very well. He approaches his work methodically and collaboratively, asks lots of good questions, and produces excellent and thorough results. He is accountable, deliveries on time and with the highest quality. Above being a talented designer, Igor is very pleasant to work with. He is open minded, thoughtful, patient and kind. I would highly recommend Igor, and I look forward to working with him again

Oksana Semenov

Product Manager at Walmart

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